Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

exercise other - bahasa inggris 01/10/09

  1. this pen isn't working please gave me another (singular)
  2. if you'r still, i'll make the other pot of coffee
  3. this dictionary hase a page missing. please give me the other one (the last one)
  4. he doesn't need those books the needs the other (all the remaining)
  5. there are thirty people in the room, twenty are from latin america and the other are from other countries
  6. six people where in the store two buying meat the other was looking at magazines
  7. this glass of milks is sour another glass of milk is sour too
  8. the army was practicing it's drills, one group was doing artilery practicing other was marching another was attention, and the other was practicing combat tactics
  9. there are seven student from japan other are from iran and the other are from other places
  10. we looked at cars today the first more far too expensive, but the other ones were reasonably priced

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