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Bahasa Inggris - "Simple Past Tense dan Past Progressive"

Rumus :
- with regular verbs: infinitive + -ed
- with irregular verbs: 2nd column of the table of the irregular verbs

Simple Past Tense - Use
- action finished in the past
I visited Berlin last week.

- series of completed actions in the past
First I got up, then I had breakfast

- together with the Past Progressive/Continuous
- The Simple Past interrupted an action which was in progress in the past.
They were playing cards when the telephone rang.

Past Progressive - Form

Rumus : to be (was, were) + infinitive + -ing

Past Progressive - Use
- actions were in progress at special time in the past
Peter was reading a book yesterday evening.

- two actions were happening at the same time
(the actions do not influence each other)
Anne was writing a letter while Steve was reading the New York Times.

- together with the Simple Past
While we were sitting at the breakfast table, the telephone rang.

- repeated actions irritating the speaker (with always, constantly, forever)
Andrew was always coming in late.

Simple Past tense and past progressive

  1. Gene eating (eat) dinner when his friend called
  2. While Maria was cleaning the aportiment her husband was sleeping (sleep)
  3. At the o'clock this morning, Elanor was studying (study)
  4. When Mark arrived, the Johnsons were having (have) dinner, but they stopped in order to talk to him
  5. John went (go) to France last year
  6. When the teacher entered (enter) the room, teh students were talking
  7. While Jean was writing the report, Henry was looking (look) for more information
  8. We saw (see) this movie last night
  9. At one time, Mr Roberts owned (own) this building
  10. Jose was (write) writing a letter to his family when his pencil braked (break)

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